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General Insurance

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Owning a home is an asset and a form of pride to us and our family. Returning home after a long day at work is a relief.
But what if our home was engulfed in flames or burgled?
Yes, it’s unhealthy to think about unfortunate incidents, but what if it came true? Is our home insured? Can we afford to continue living without financial security?

Fire insurance
House owner/Householder insurance

Personal Accident
It’s great to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. When things are going well for you, don’t be too sure it will stay that way. Accidents can happen at any time and we couldn’t tell until it’s too late. When it does, are you ready for it?
LPA advise you to own a comprehensive range of Personal Accident insurance plans for you and your loved ones.

Hospitalisation & Surgical 
Looking for a medical insurance for you and your loved ones? We introduce a insurance plan that is just right for you. You are assured that our features and benefits are competitively designed to provide value added for your financial protection in times of medical needs:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]